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Flexible Circuits

Single-Sided Flex PCB

Single-sided flexible circuits consist of a single copper conductor layer on a flexible dielectric fill.Single-sided circuits can be fabricated with or without coverlayers.

Rigid-Flex PCB

Rigid Flex circuits are characterized by having conductors on both the flexible and rigid layers of the circuit.Plated thru holes extend between Rigid flex circuits and rigid sections and electrically connect multiple conductor layers..

Multi-Layer Flex PCB

Multi-Layer Flexible circuits consist of 2-6 copper layers encapsulated with dielectric,normally connected with a plated thru-hole.Multi-layer circuits can be fabricated with or withour coverlayers!

About Rayming RayMing Technology is a flexible PCB manufacturer that has consistently delivered high quality flex circuits for years. We have responded to market demands and deliver in high volume as well as prototypes from our production facilities. Our Engineering Staff Has an Experiential Edge That Cannot Be Beat RayMing engineers have significant experience in the flexible circuit and flexible pcb industry. Whether you are a novice in the area of flexible circuit design or a long time user, we lend our expertise providing comprehensive support from concept to completion. .. Read more


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RayMing Flex PCB Service

RayMing Technology is well equipped to meet your needs; from providing you with bare flexible circuits, fully assembled flex circuits, complete box builds, or supporting you in finding other partners that can address any additional needs that you may have.Our customer base consists of start-up companies, mid-sized growth oriented organizations, and top tier global companies within each of the markets that we serve.Our Products Scale:Automotive Flexible circuits,Medical Flexible circuits,Indusctrial flexible circuits,Wearables flex PCB,and flex PCB for Consumer products.Also CMS, EMSs is welcome.
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